Established in 1973, Nahoa Outrigger Canoe Club incorporates Polynesian traditions, teamwork and team play. Members strive to make paddling a positive experience for all by nurturing an environment conducive to cooperation and camaraderie, as well as competition. Returning veterans bring experience, support, and great memories while newcomers add excitement and an eagerness to learn. The result is an energy that renews the whole club.

RULES: include but not limited to...

  • respect each other & the equipment        
  • be on time 
  • do not use any profanity
  • listen to your coach/steersmen 
  • no stepping over or sitting in/on the canoes on land
  • do not drape clothes or towels on the canoes
  • do not use paddles as a rake, a shovel, or use to push off from the dock or away from rocks

One of over 28 outrigger canoe clubs, Nahoa is an active member of the Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (SCORA), the governing body for the sport of outrigger in Southern California. A self-supporting, nonprofit organization, Nahoa uses membership dues and fund-raising for rent, maintenance, SCORA membership, insurance, trailer registration, etc. The club owns several outrigger canoes (Hawaiian Class Racer,Keoni, Malia, Bradley's, OC-4, OC-2 and  OC-1's) and participates in competitions all along the coast of Southern California as well as other states and countries.