Club Officers

President and Coach - Lori J. Kitahata
Vice President - Billy Long
Treasurer - Michelle "Zim" Goeku
Secretary - Kristin Tipa
SCORA Director - JanJan Inouye
SCORA Alternate Director - Marylin Stephens

Membership dues are applied to rent, insurance, association fees, maintenance, towing, equipment, and more.

Full payment is encouraged. Payment plans possible, contact the club President.  Please make payment by your third workout.

Off season (October - February) dues: $60.00
First year members dues: $230.00
Veteran dues: $280.00

Additional race fees:
9man Relay Fees $60.00 approximately (9man host club's charges vary).
Other optional costs: parking, race swag, meals, raffle tickets, etc..

Membership dues must be paid up to participate!

Please make your check out to:
Nahoa Outrigger Canoe Club
If you are paying with cash please put it in a sealed envelope with your name and purpose (membership dues, race fees, reimbursements, etc...).  Give to the President, Treasurer or Coaches.

Do not expect any reimbursement of expenses unless you  have prior approval.  The club President and Treasurer have the right to refuse reimbursement for inappropriate purchases and/or charges.

Donations (supplies, equipment or services) are appreciated but may not be necessary.  Please check with the Club President or equipment manager.                   

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to discuss it with your coach or club president.

(updated October 2016)